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Your Seeds of Faith benevolence dollars are producing good during the pandemic

by Janet Borst, Chairperson of Messiah's Seeds of Faith Team | 

It is no surprise that the pandemic has affected many aspects of our lives. Church is no exception, and the Seeds of Faith, Messiah's local benevolence distribution team, is no exception. But exciting things have happened, nevertheless.

The stay at home orders came in the middle of Lent, and several of the scheduled service projects were not completed. Instead of returning the unused funds to Seeds of Faith, Jessica Potts found another use with the approval of the Seeds team. Since the original grants were for One Mile Mission projects, the team diverted the money to help students and their families at our local schools, thus fulfilling the original purpose of the grants.

Meanwhile, across town, Jeanne Al-Ghamdi—to honor her heritage—applied for a Seeds of Faith Grant to supply face coverings for the Native American population. She and her mother, Diana Webber, have made over 1,000 masks that have been distributed to Warm Springs and Yakima Nations.

Jeanne is a member of the Cherokee Nations satellite community called the Mt. Hood Cherokees. In addition to distributing masks, the Mt. Hood Cherokees collected needed supplies and emergency goods for the reservation. The reservation has been hard hit by the pandemic, especially since they lost the water supply to most of the residents in mid-July.

Like Jeanne, you may know of a need in an underserved community. If you have an idea for a way to assist, you are welcome to apply for a Seeds of Faith Grant. The application is on the website, click here. If you have an idea you wish to discuss, please call a Seeds of Faith team member. Janet Borst, Juliette Laycoe-Hagley, or Steve Friebel. Paul Dodds is also a member, but he is currently quarantined in Thailand, so he may be hard to reach.

We look forward to your ideas.

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