Who We Are

Messiah Lutheran Church is a community of people who have in common a life-transforming faith and love for the Lord Jesus Christ. Together we seek to share God's love with others through the work and service of the church and as living examples of Christian love in our homes, schools, workplaces, and community.

The faith of this people has been created and is sustained by the preaching of God's Word and the gifts of Baptism and the Lord's Supper. The Holy Spirit continues to make Messiah a people of grace—people who love and forgive in the same way they have been loved and forgiven.

Everyone has an opportunity to serve and contribute at Messiah. This is done in a spirit of loving acceptance and shared responsibility. Each person who participates at Messiah is a precious gift to the life of this congregation.

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Mission Statement

“We Care and Share, Serve and Celebrate through God’s Love in Christ.”

Messiah is a faith community on the move, growing and changing as the Spirit leads.

Messiah is an experiment — believing that though the church might be a small production, it has a big message. All people need grace and forgiveness which come from God. Each week, this community gathers and is gifted with the good news of Jesus' story and the presence he shares in a simple meal of bread and wine.

The community of Messiah is committed to and believes that God's story is continuing to unfold and that each person's life is part of that story. Together, the community is discovering what it means to love God and love one's neighbors.