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Thanks to Compassionate Callers

by Julie Bracken, Compassion Caller Coordinator. 

For the last year, over 40 members of Messiah have been involved in the Compassionate Caller ministry. These caring individuals have each called ten households regularly to keep the connections to Messiah strong. The callers asked for prayer requests and made sure that the households' physical needs were being met. None of us thought this would be necessary for more than a couple of months, but this ministry lasted more than a year. The people of Messiah were ready to meet each other's needs during the unprecedented challenges of the pandemic.

Although this ministry is ending, the connection is not. If you have a prayer request, you can call the person who last called you, and they will make sure that request is heard.

All the members of Messiah, as well as the staff, wholeheartedly thank the faithful callers. They reflect the Spirit that moves through this congregation and is shown in many ways. When we are asked to "Go forth and spread the Word," this is what it means.

Thank you for caring, sharing, and being Jesus's hands and feet, tongue and ears in the world.

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