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Reflections on Seeds by Janet Borst

Janet leads the team responsible for distributing the congregation's benevolence money in the form of grants. They see their work as "planting seeds." Here, Janet puts an interesting spin on this springtime process. - Pr. Peter

It's spring, and like all would-be gardeners, I've purchased my seed packets with thoughts of a bountiful harvest. I have, in fact, planted lettuce mix, peas, and spinach, and I have been watching the ground for evidence of success, wondering if I will soon see green sprouts. Or will I have to plant a second round because the ground was too wet, or dry or the seeds not viable? But a thought has occurred to me that my garden is not the only place seeds have been planted this year.

It goes without saying that this has been an unprecedented year in most of our lives. I have never lived through a pandemic complete with stay at home orders, face masks, constant hand washing, and worrying if the hospitals will have capacity for all those who fall ill. So, I wonder what seeds have been planted by this new reality? There are a few things I have noticed.

There are more people and dogs getting their exercise, and the parking lots at the athletic clubs are empty. There are fewer cars on the road, and the sky is bluer and the air fresher. People are wearing masks to protect others, not themselves. We seem more appreciative of the grocery clerks and others who we don't usually notice as they go about their daily work. I've heard more people worry about others who, before this were just making it or not really making it. More people are attending gatherings, and technology is connecting, not isolating us. And while we have always said it is so, I can now see and understand that worship is not confined to a building. And God isn't either.

I suspect that some of these societal seeds will not be viable, and there will be a return to old habits. And some of these seeds will just need a little longer to germinate, or they will need to be replanted by the perspective of time. I know that some of these societal seeds will sprout, take root, and grow into a new sense of what is essential and what is not essential.

Because throughout all of this, I know that the Holy Spirit is working in us and the world. And when the Spirit moves, the most wonderful things sprout and grow.

Janet Borst, Seeds of Faith Coordinator 

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