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The Walking Word

This iconoclastic painting of Martin Luther was done by Lucas Cranach the Elder in 1548 - 30 some years into the Lutheran Reformation. It is unlike any pre-Reformation Christian art you will find. The painting (Cranach was sort of Luther's publicist, a story for another time!) shows Luther with his hand firmly on the Bible, pointing to the crucified and risen Lord Jesus Christ in the midst of the common people. And, look at those people!! Commoners, women and men sitting together, with a plump little German baby to boot!

This Sunday, October 16, 2023, is the second of our "In Holy Hands" worship series.  Last week we reveled in the waters of our baptism and claimed our ministry or inclusion and invitation. This Sunday we'll place our hands on our Bibles and practice pointing beyond ourselves to the presence of Jesus in the everyday. We call this "proclamation!" 

In Other News

Our Confirmation Youth recently created a 4,000 year timeline stretching from the gymnasium all the way up to the front office. At the center was  Jesus - the year zero - with 2000 years leading to  our present and 2000 years reaching back into Biblical history. Where would you place these events on such a timeline?

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