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Somebody just doesn't like rich guys!

I try not to take this personally, but either Luke (the Gospel writer) or Jesus himself seems to have an issue with rich guys. My wife isn't sure I qualify but, you know, I have a job and a pension. What does it take?! Anyway, last Sunday the Gospel Lesson began, "There was a rich man who ..." and I had to talk about "dishonest wealth." Gotta say, that one kind of hurt. (Start at 16:19 if you want to hear the sermon.)

This Sunday the Gospel Lesson begins, "There was a rich man who ..." Ya, exactly the same words. The difference is that this guy actually ends up burning in hell. Sigh. Our Gospel Lesson this Sunday will be Luke 16:19-31. Any volunteer preachers out there?

In the "This is way more fun!" category, the confirmation youth and I talked about the Creation story in Genesis 1 this week. Actually we 'reconstructed' the world in the image of Genesis 1. Ya, read the story. It's all here!!

Next time you see one of our confirmands ask them what the difference between "faith" and "science" is - and which is what in our biblical story of creation! 

See you Sunday!

Pr. Dave Brauer-Rieke

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