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Salty encounters!

"You are the salt of the earth ..." says Jesus in this Sunday's Gospel Lesson. Salt makes a bad main dish in my opinion! Rather, salt is a seasoning or flavor enhancer, right? Even more, let's recognize that salt's usually invisible in a good dinner and if you actually taste the salt itself somebody is likely to scrunch up their face and say, "Oooo. This is too salty!" (Chef fail!!)

So Sisters and Brothers. Where are you vitally present, but invisible? Where are you too forward with your face to the distress of those you wish to serve? What does it mean to be in the right places in jus the right amount?

Of course, salt is also a preservative. Make up your own questions here about what you are preserving and in what way.

In the ancient world salt sometimes also served as a form of "money" because it is so essential to life. (As in "A person is worth their salt.) So, where are you essential and life giving? Understand, it doesn't take too much - just a pinch.

Can you be 'just a pinch' for somebody this week?

Pastor Dave Brauer-Rieke

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