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Pie in Holy Hands

Sorry. Cheap ploy. I'm just trying to get you to read this post!! However, please do join us for a time of giving thanks and enjoying a piece of pie Wednesday evening, November 23, beginning at 6 PM. All are welcome!

Mostly, though, I would like to thank you for your participation and gracious spirit through our now completed "In Holy Hands" preaching and worship series. Thank you as well to our two lay preachers, Maria Kramer, our Director of Music who preached Reformation Sunday, October 30, and Doug Reucker, our Stewardship Chair, who preached this past Sunday, November 13. The ministry of Messiah is in your heart, your work, your voice, your giving, your love and your hope. You all have so much to share and give.

During this series the Baptismal font was moved to the center of our sanctuary and we began worship with a "Thanksgiving for Baptism" rather than our usual confession. We have had a Bible on displa and, brought the Bread and Wine for Holy Communion forward as an offering. Next Sunday things will be 'back as they were.' However, we will keep singing, giving and praising.

Pr. Dave Brauer-Rieke

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