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Easter thoughts from Pr. Peter

6:30a Outdoor In-Person Sunrise Service behind Eisenhower Elementary School - no reservation needed 
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10:00a In-Person Worship Service in the Hazel Dell campus sanctuary: online reservation form »

10:00a Livestream Worship Service »

Holy Week and Easter are better experienced than explained. Kathy and I always look forward to the unexpected ways the living Christ meets those who hear the Holy Week story for the first or for the 100th time. You cannot be unaffected by it. Because of Easter, Jesus the Christ is alive and on the loose and always shows up to draw us home, give us hope, and set us on our way with direction and purpose. Kathy and I invite you to experience how God comes to us in ways so utterly unexpected that we have to look again to see if they can possibly be true. We look forward to the privilege of sharing the Holy Week story and are confident that the living Lord will meet you in it. - Pr. Peter

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