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Call Committee Update April 2024

 In the last Call Committee update we shared there were two candidates we had invited to a second conversation.

One of the two candidates declined our invitation stating they did not feel there was alignment between their gifts and Messiah's needs/interests. We offered to have further conversation to further discern alignment, but he politely declined.

The second candidate agreed to further conversation. Our conversation went great and we were very impressed with the individual. We invited him to come to Vancouver for further discussion. He said he welcomed the opportunity to visit after Easter. After Easter we followed up with him to arrange travel, and he let us know he had been selected as a candidate of choice with another congregation and therefore was withdrawing from further conversation with us. We asked him for feedback about his discernment, our conversations and general process. However, he did not respond.

Pastor Rebecca continues to review new rostered minister profiles and has contacted two candidates to see if they would be interested in the opportunity with Messiah. Additionally, a clergy couple that declined our initial offer to meet via zoom recently reached out to indicate they would welcome an opportunity to talk with the call committee. We are scheduled to talk with them Wednesday April 17th.

We appreciate the congregation's prayers and continued support of the call committee's endeavors. We will continue to provide you updates in our process.


Messiah's Call Committee

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