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Call Committee Update-March 2024

Since the update provided at the annual meeting, the Call Committee has received 4 additional Rostered Minister Profiles (RMP) to consider.

We have conducted initial interviews with all 4 of the candidates. We conducted a second onsite interview with one of the candidates. That candidate withdrew from consideration as they felt they needed more time to discern what God has planned for them next.

One of the candidates we talked with was very gifted but has not yet served as a solo or lead pastor. As a result, we decided to continue our conversation with the other two candidates. Both have an impressive depth and breadth of experience and have served as a solo pastor of a congregation. We have invited both candidates to a second interview. Our preference is an in-person conversation over a zoom discussion, but we recognize this is a difficult time of the year to travel for an onsite meeting.

One of the two candidates has accepted our invitation, and we met with them via zoom this past Saturday (3/9). The second candidate indicated they will call to discuss their current discernment process and our invitation for a second conversation. As a result, as this update is written, their status is still pending.

We have learned so much on this journey about the complexity of the discernment process. God works in mysterious ways!!! We appreciated your continued prayers and support as we continue our efforts to find a great pastoral candidate for Messiah.

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