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A Good Start To A New Year!

For the earliest Christians, Sunday, the day of the resurrection, was both the first day of the week and the eighth day, a day somehow outside of normal time. The practice of celebrating a church festival for a full eight days goes back to the 6th century. In the past, this eighth day of Christmas commemorated also Jesus' circumcision, his entry into observant Judaism. Since the eighth day is January 1, the beginning of the secular calendar, an emphasis on the name of Jesus is appropriate. We begin another year in Jesus' name, under his name, through his name.

Join us in worship at Messiah at 10:30, January 1, to begin our New Year mindful of this special day, outside of normal time. Follow the Holy Family as they seek to make their lives faithful to tradition and community. In the Name of Jesus, we offer our response to the good news of Jesus' birth, and we start a new year. May we resolve to make it a meaningful and precious one.

-Pastor Tom

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