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Year-end Giving at Messiah

In so many respects, 2020 has been one of those years we will remember for all the wrong reasons. Fill in the blank with your own.

Despite the difficulties of this year, Messiah continues to be a community that worships and welcomes passionately, teaches and engages faithfully, serves generously, and comforts compassionately. "We are what he has made us," a growing, giving, and grateful people created in Jesus Christ for good works (Eph. 2:10). Your financial support of Messiah's ministries is a meaningful way that you share in accomplishing good works for others in the name of Christ.

These days mark the final week of 2020 to make financial gifts to Messiah. Year-end gifts given in the offering this weekend, mailed with a USPS postmark of 2020, or completed online by midnight, Thursday, December 31, 2020, will be recorded as received in 2020 and appear on your Annual Statement of Charitable Giving to Messiah for 2020.

Thank you for your generous gifts, your prayers, and your partnership.

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