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Lenten Season Vespers in Pandemic (VIP) - A super-safe in-person worship experience with Charles Reinmuth

Sign up using this link » to receive your designated date and time to arrive for worship on Mondays and Tuesdays during Lent.

Charles Reinmuth invites you to the sanctuary at 6:00pm at Messiah's Hazel Dell location for a unique 20-minute evening prayer service centered on "Holy Cross"

Services take place weekly on Mondays and Tuesdays, and accommodate up to 4 guests each; for a total of 5 in the sanctuary. From beginning to end, Charles will be your host. This "VIP" worship experience is open and available to all, but you have to sign-up due to the limited capacity.

Please click here to register and receive your designated worship time and date based on your preferences.

About "Holy Cross"
For Jesus, the road to the cross was a long and difficult one. This year for us has also felt like a long journey. Yet, Jesus so loved us all, that his very love for us took him to the cross. And Jesus loved us every step of the way. Humanity tried to break Jesus' love, and could not. This is our hope and stay. That, even in these uncertain times, along the difficult journey in which we find ourselves, Jesus is loving us with each unsure step we take.  No matter the cost. During "Holy Cross", we take time to pause and reflect on how Jesus' love for people like us: the hurting, the doubting, the forsaken, and the downtrodden -- well, it did come at a great cost. Through moments of prayer, silence, and music, we remember the death of our lord. We turn our eyes to the cross, and as we step away from the fears of this world, we step into the reality of a God who will stop at nothing for us, even for sinners. This is the invitation: Sinner, come today. At the cross there is room. Everyone can come to the cross.

"Holy Cross" will begin in prayer, you will hear the hymn "The Old Rugged Cross" Then, once the lyrics have settled in our hearts, praying over those words, you will hear Dan Miller's organ arrangement of "O Sacred Head Now Wounded", incorporating "The Old Rugged Cross". At its conclusion, we will have a moment of silence for reflection and depart, eagerly awaiting the Easter promise.

I invite you, with hope that the "Holy Cross" vespers service would become part of your spiritual journey. I encourage you to sign up using this link »

COVID Safety
These limited-capacity services will implement strict social distancing and require the use of masks by participants and leaders. All participants will enter via the main entrance (by the sanctuary), and doors will be propped open. We will not collect an offering and won't be handing out worship folders for this non-Communion service. And I will be sanitizing the room before and after each worship service. - CVR

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