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Update for making Prayer Requests

At Messiah, we believe that prayer is a powerful spiritual means to communicate with God. It is a privilege and comfort to receive prayer requests from members and friends of Messiah.

To ensure that we handle prayer requests in a sensitive and caring way, Messiah offers four options for requests:

Prayers directed only to the pastoral team 
Prayers for the prayer chain made up of 30 people
Prayers for the prayer team made up of 5 people
Prayers for public worship*

*We will include prayers for worship in the Prayers of the People for two weeks. You are welcome to submit a new request or update after the two-week period for additional two-week periods.

You may submit prayer requests via email to Julie Bracken or by contacting Sally Dost in the front office (360-574-7081). Please include the groups to whom you wish your prayer to be forwarded.

If you would like to join the Prayer Chain or Prayer Team, please contact Julie Bracken.

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