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"Dialogues on Race" Tuesdays at the Morning Prayer Breakfast Group

Pr. Peter invites you to a new 7-week study based on essays by North American theologians and thinkers in a collected work titled "Dialogues on Race." The compilation is a resource that encourage honest talk about this difficult subject. The goal of the readings and conversation is to bring hope and healing out of the church and into the world. The study will start February 4 in the weekly Tuesday Morning Prayer Breakfast Small Group. The group meets at 6:00a at Panera Bread Company on Highway 99 in Hazel Dell.

Facilitated by Pr. Peter and Intern Pastor Taran, each session will begin with prayer and end when the first participant leaves for work, usually around 7:05-7:10a. Newcomers and guests are always welcome and may pop in any week.

A very limited number of Dialogues on Race texts are available for purchase in the front office of the Hazel Dell campus for $11/book. The text is available at Amazon in paperback only, though it is often sold out. Currently, there is no Kindle edition.

It is a perfect time to jump in, try it on, and discover how once-a-week prayer and study can enhance your spiritual life. The Tuesday Morning Small Group is always open to newcomers and guests. If you are a first-timer, your breakfast is on Pr. Peter!

Synopsis of "Dialogues on Race"
Race and racism are so prevalent in US culture, that few stop to reflect upon what race is, why it was created, and how deeply ingrained race has become in American Christianity. It has left American churches segregated in the pews and divided in faith. With seven essays from leading Christian thinkers, Dialogues on Race asks how we got here and what we can do about it.

Topic and Reading Schedule with contributing Essayists

Feb. 4 – pgs. 7-26
Foreword and Chapter 1
What Does It Mean to be White?
History and the Social Construct of Race
Essayist – Daniel Hill

Feb. 11 – pgs. 27-46
Chapter 2
Christmas Cookies from Cambodia
The Bible and Race in America
Essayist – Kristopher Coffman

Feb 18 – pgs. 47-66
Chapter 3
Say It Loud: I'm Black and I'm Proud
Anti-Blackness, Oppression, and
Dehumanization of Black Bodies
Essayist – Rozella Haydee White

Feb. 25 – pgs. 67-82
Chapter 4
American Amnesia
Christianity and the Erasing of Native
American Stories
Essayist – Jim Bear Jacobs

March 3 – pgs. 83-98
Chapter 5
Whiter the Women?
Race, Gender, and the Intersecting Nature
of Oppression
Essayist – Cami Jones

March 10 – pgs. 99-112
Chapter 6
Two Christianities
American Religion in Black and White
Essayist - Broderick Greer

March 17 – pgs. 113-124
Chapter 7
A New Heaven and a New Earth:
The Problem with Racial Reconciliation
Essayist – Lenny Duncan

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