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Endowment committee distributes over $7,000 in third quarter

The Endowment Committee meets every quarter to review grant proposals. The committee then recommends grants to the Church Leadership Team for approval and the funds are distributed accordingly. 

This month the following requests were granted:

$430 Granted to purchase additional, new, Food on the Fourth bags.

$2200 Granted to purchase vacuum cleaners for refugees receiving services from the Lutheran Refugee Services. In earlier months, money was given for kitchen and bath supplies for these folk.

$960 Granted to provide partial funding for a "Martin Luther King Jr Day of Service" for our young people (and those of other Lutheran churches). This is being organized by a woman who has a child in our preschool and she is working with Jessica and Tori to put together a meaningful activity.

$750 Granted to supplies (pizza and drinks) for the once-a-month ministry to the Juvenile Detention facility.

$200 Granted to Legacy Salmon Creek Hospital's Spiritual Care Staff to cover the costs of a mini retreat. We have also offered our church as a venue for this, even providing prayer and lunch if they so desire.

$900 Granted to Legacy Salmon Creek Hospital to provide supplies for Sam's Cart, a supportive ministry for patients started by our members several years ago. This amount of money is half they asked for; we want them to locate another source of revenue to supplement our own. Our church will be recognized as a donor.

$2000 Granted to Legacy Salmon Creek Hospital to produce over 400 Grief Packets (over a year's supply). Again, our church will be recognized as a donor and we granted only half the money they requested. This will encourage them to find another source of funds beside MLC.

A grant request for new communion ware is currently on hold while the CLT and treasurer determine whether this is a non-budget item.

The last opportunity to receive grant money this year is in December. 

Please submit grant requests to the Endowment Committee by Dec 8, 2023. We still have several thousand dollars available for worthy causes!

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