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The Ongoing Reformation

October 9 - "Storied Water" (Baptism) in which we died to this dysfunctional social matrix and were reborn in the faith, committed to the "Creation Community" spoken into life by God.

October 16 - The story itself, written, spoken and walking among us in he person of Jesus Christ.

October 23 - Of wheat and wine, feasting on bread made by our confirmation youth, offered to God, blessed, broken and returned to us for the feeding and healing of all. This is what we have considered so far. This is what has been placed in Holy Hands - your hands and mine - for the work of God though you and me.

This Sunday, October 30, is Reformation Sunday. Five hundred and five years ago Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses on the church door in Wittneberg for consideration by all. Luther was all about Holy Hands and he was the first to insist those hands were ours, those of just plain folk.

And now, this Sunday, we talk about the Music of the Spirit! Our Director of Music, Maria Kramer, will take to the pulpit this Sunday to share and show how the miracle of many voices creating one gorgeous symphony of hope fueled the Reformation and empowered (and empowers) our work and witness. 

Don't miss church this Sunday!!

What's with all the Baboons? 

The confirmation youth and I gathered in the midst of pictures of baboons - and baboons - and baboons. Why? Well, we were studying the Old Testament kings this week, David and Solomon. As amazing and (sometimes) faithful as these two leaders were, they were also given to excess. Solomon had 700 wives, 300 concubines, as well as collections of peacocks and baboons brought to Israel from exotic places. Really? Was that all necessary?

So what? Do we just pass that all off? Should I just suggest that "boys will be boys"? Or, is this a part of the story we also need to discuss? Our kids live in a world deeply damaged by excess and the abuse of power - and they know it! 

What do you want me to tell them?

Pr. Dave Brauer-Rieke

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