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The Gospel of Mark in seven sessions with Pr. Peter and Intern Pr. Maggie

Pr. Peter and Intern Pr. Maggie invite you to join them for a seven-session Bible study through the Gospel of Mark. Attend either the Tuesday Morning Prayer Breakfast (6:00a) or the Wednesday Adult Class (10:00a). You may jump in on any session, any week!

Mark is the gospel appointed for reading for the next year during worship starting this Advent. Get a head start in your sermon listening and discipleship as we delve into the shortest and first of all the gospel accounts.

Preparation involves reading an assigned Bible passage each week (see below). Participants will have read the entire book by the end of the course.

Contact Pr. Peter or Intern Pr. Maggie for the Zoom link for either (or both!) sessions.

Course Reading Schedule
Tuesday Morning Prayer Breakfast at 6:00a
Wednesday Morning Adult Class at 10:00a

November 3-4
Mark 1:1-45 »
Literary introduction, baptism, initial preaching, a series of "first" stories of calling, exorcism, healing, prayer, journeying, and restoration.

November 10 only (Nov. 11 is Veteran's Day)
Mark 2:1-3:6 »
A cycle of five conflict stories

November 17-18
Mark 3:7-6:6a »
Jesus' training of the twelve disciples

November 24-25
Mark 6:6b-8:21 »
Sending out of the twelve disciples

December 1-2
Mark 8:22-10:52 »
On the way to Jerusalem bracketed by two stories of Jesus healing blind people

December 8-9
Mark 11:1-13:37 »
Jesus final week in Jerusalem

December 15-16
Mark 14:1-16:8 »
Jesus' passion, death, burial, resurrection, and empty tomb 

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