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Thank you to all who donated towards Easter flowers and spring landscape plants

Ellen Andres. in memory of Arnie Andres

Loretta Babbitt. in honor of A Great Family

Julie Backous and Todd Dugdale in memory of Lily and in honor of our children

Wes, Jennifer, Joel, Crystal and Amanda

Rick and Sheri Backous in memory of our daughter, Sara, as well as other family members who have passed away; in honor of our daughters and their families

Dianne Dawson

Linda Ferris .in memory of Ben and Adeline Thomas

Alan and Brenda Gardner in memory of Wendall and Dorothy Gardner (charter members)

Jackie Haglund in memory of Roger and Faye Haglund (parents)

Paula and Tony memory of our parents Bill and Gladys Cook and Guy and Dee Haney

Kathy Hoffman in memory of Stephen Walsh

Judy Hermann in memory of Wayne Andrews (My Dad)

Ingrid Maddox in memory of loved ones no longer with us

Joe and Linda Marvin in memory of Joyce Baird and Bill Baird Sr. (Linda's parents) in honor of our children, Bridgit Marvin, Joey Marvin and daughter-in-law, Erin Marvin

Marilyn Mattson in memory of Harry Mattson

Dave and Sue Munro in honor of our family

Dianne Peterson in memory of David and Gale Jones

Charles Pfister in memory of Mary Jean Pfister, Connie Howard

Jessica and Rodney Potts in memory of David McKee

Dave and Lynne Radke in memory of our friend, Rhoda Pappajohn

Rob and Cathy Ramer in honor of the families of Wright, Ramer and Higgins

Ellen Ringnalda in memory of Tom Ringnalda and Sara M.

Maureen Weber in memory of Rik and Lisa

Diana Webberin memory of George Webber

Carie Wright in memory of My dada; Jim Wright

Tom and Theresa Zimmer in honor of our sons Joshua and Daniel

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