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Staying Connected to Children’s Ministry during Covid-19 – A Message from Liz Bailey, Dir. of Children’s and Family Ministries

Dear Children and Families of Messiah, 

I hope you are all managing well as you read this. This is an interesting time and with that comes many prayers for there are so many feelings that come from this unforeseen situation. I am praying for you all and for all the people around the globe as this effects everyone. With these prayers comes hope. I do hope you are all able to find the gems (the positive nuggets) that exist during a time like this and I would love to hear what those are for you. I know we at Messiah have been trying to get creative with how we reach and connect with people during this time. This intentional way to reach all will be a gem I think.

One way I am reaching out is by connecting us through this blog and through prayer. I am also filming Godly Play® stories so you all can experience them when you would like and share them with your family or others you think might enjoy them.. Click on either of images above. I also encourage you to explore the Pandemic Hope Devotional and the Together at Home handout we are sharing for children and families. See how many people care and are praying for you and others? These prayers are connecting us all through God and that is a beautiful thing.

We are here for you, are praying for you, and look forward to connecting with you when the time is right. If you would like to write me, you can do so by email or by stamp mail. Both addresses are below and I will reply to every letter I receive. Makes my heart happy to think about it. Let's make the most of today!

With God's beautiful sunshine and flowers,

Liz Bailey, Dir. of Children's and Family Ministries

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