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Prayer Shawl group meets March 30

Messiah's new prayer shawl group, Faith in Fiber, will meet next on March 30 at 6:00 p.m. in the Narthex at Hazel Dell. The group meets every other Thursday at 6:00 p.m. for devotions, prayer and "knitting in the round", making prayer shawls and lap blankets for those in need of a caring touch. All are welcome! Knitters (and crocheters) knit whichever pattern they choose, at their own pace and skill level. We are finding that we are all teachers and lifelong learners as many tips and help is shared each time we meet! This World wide recognized ministry is now 25 years old!

"Shawls ... made for centuries universal and embracing,

symbolic of an inclusive, unconditionally loving, God.

They wrap, enfold, comfort, cover, give solace,

mother, hug, shelter and beautify.

Those who have received these shawls have been

uplifted and affirmed, as if given wings to

fly above their troubles..."

Written in 1998 by: Janet Severi Bristow

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