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Palm Pictures for the Pews on Easter

COVID-19 has required us to do ministry in new and creative ways. This Sunday is Palm Sunday. Palm processionals with everyone waving leaves together is a special moment that begins Holy Week. This year, we are not able to wave our traditional leafy palms. However, each of you have been given by God two fleshy palms - one on each hand!

We are inviting each of you to send us a picture of your household waving your palms…the ones that are apart of your hands! We will be printing them off and placing them on the pews this Holy Week. We are planning a big reveal of all of your faces and palms as a part of our live-stream Easter celebration.

Please send your snapshots to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Christ's blessings to you as we journey with Christ to the cross and the empty tomb!

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