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No Cure for Being Human: A multi-week study of Kate Bowler's book that considers the question "How do you move forward with a life you didn't choose?"

Led by Intern Pr. Katie and Pr. Peter 

via Zoom Tuesdays at 6am (PT) 
Via Zoom Wednesdays at 10am (PT) 

Intern Pastor Katie and Pr. Peter invite you to participate in reading, listening, and conversation surrounding the life approach of Kate Bowler when her world has seemingly turned upside down. Bowler is a historian and professor at Duke Divinity School in Durham, NC.

Kate Bowler is a Canadian-born historian who thought she had all she wanted in life—an education, a happy marriage, a healthy son—until she received a phone call that turned her life upside down. Bowler wrestles with her own limitations and understanding of the "best life now" way of living. Through the sharing of her own story, Bowler considers her faith and society's implications that anything is possible. Life is a chronic condition, and there's no cure for being human.

To join this conversation on either Tuesdays or Wednesdays, please send Intern Pr. Katie an email. In response, you will receive the Zoom link and reading schedule. You are welcome to attend either session at any given time, regardless of the day you signed up for.

No Cure for Being Human may be purchased here »

Intern Pr. Katie and Pr. Peter look forward to this next session together and we hope to see you there!

Reading Schedule for No Cure for Being Human by Kate Bowler

February 8-9
Preface & Chapter 1 (pages xiii-20)
TEDTalk: "Everything Happens for a Reason – and other lies I've loved"

February 15-16
Chapters 2 (pages 21-38)
Everything Happens Podcast: Father James Martin on "What Good is Prayer?"

February 22-23
Chapters 3 & 4 (pages 39-70)
March 3-April 14

No meetings during Lent

April 19-20
Chapter 5 (pages 71-91)

April 26-27
Chapter 6 (pages 92-118)

May 3-4
Chapter 7 (pages 118-142)

May 10-11
Chapter 8 (pages 143-162)
Everything Happens Podcast: Dr. Susan David on "Toxic Positivity"

May 17-18
Chapter 9 & 10 (pages 163-199)

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