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Soapbox Night at Hop Topics May 21

Soapbox Night at Hop Topics

"The meaning of Soapbox is an improvised platform, spontaneous or informal orator; broadly - something that provides an outlet for delivering opinions."

For our May 21 gathering of Hop Topics we will invite you to get up and expound on anything you choose for a minute or five (no longer). What is on your mind? What have you been reading? Is there a subject you are keenly interested in and a ted talk you have to recommend?

Come and analyze, criticize, rhapsodize, eulogize, theorize, strategize, evangelize, romanticize, proselytize, or conceptualize anything you choose. The only requirement is that you have a point, get to the point, and maybe even take a few pointed questions after you get down from the soapbox.

We'll keep this friendly and hold each other to our most charitable selves and have some fun. I know we all have opinions and too few opportunities to get up on the soapbox where others will listen.

We'll see you at Soapbox Night at Heathen Brewing, 1109 Washington St., Vancouver. Arrive at 5:30 to order food and drink, and the fun starts at 6:00. We have a private room just off the bar.

-Pastor Tom

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