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Newcomers' Orientation - Wednesday, Feb. 5, 2020

6:35-8:00p  |  HAZEL DELL CAMPUS 

The Newcomers' Orientation is an opportunity for newcomers to Messiah to learn more about its mission, ministries and culture, and how the congregation is moving into the future. It is also an opportunity for guests to ask questions (nothing is off limits), share concerns, and meet others who are similarly interested in learning more about the church. It is Pr. Peter's goal that newcomers leave with a clear sense of what it would mean for them to belong to the community that is Messiah. He also provides information on the various pathways to membership.

This orientation is for persons who have attended either campus or participated in any of Messiah's ministries.

Newcomers are invited to enjoy dinner the night of the orientation as part of congregation's regular Wednesday FL!p programming (Faith Life in Progress). Dinner is served in the dining hall from 5:00-5:45p. You are also invited to Wednesday Worship, a 30-minute Word and Sacrament service from 6:00-6:30p in the sanctuary.

For more information, or to register your intention to attend, please email Sally Dost, Administrative Assistant, or leave Sally a voicemail at 360-574-7081. Last-minute or spur of the moment decision? Attend anyway. There's always room for more.

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