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New website launches for Messiah Preschool

Messiah Preschool has had many things over the years.

Support from the congregation, amazing students, caring staff.

What it hasn't had is its own stand-alone website.

Until now. launched last week, giving the preschool its first stand-alone web presence since its founding.

The new website will be the home for all information about the preschool, including registration information, class information, events and more.

Messiah Digital Media coordinator Ben McCarty constructed the new site using Wordpress and is excited for the opportunities to the new site will bring.

"As the parent of a Messiah preschool graduate, I'm aware of how important it is for a preschool to be easily accessible to parents of current and potential students," he said. "This new website will make it easier for the preschool to be found online and to better market itself in the community."

"We are very excited to now have a website dedicated to "all things Messiah Preschool," said Preschool Director Joyce Handran. "Our intent was to create a website that is easily accessible and easy to navigate, one that serves as a helpful resource to current and prospective preschool families as well as the community in general. After visiting the site, we want people to say, "This sounds like the preschool for us!"'

The new site is up and running ahead of preschool registration for the next school year, which will begin in February.

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