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Ministry update: Juvy Pizza

Steve Friebel delivers pizza, soda and cookies once a month to the Juvenile Detention Center in downtown Vancouver. 

Steve writes: 

The number of "campers" served this last year increased to about 20 participants per session. 

There are always new "campers" as well as a number of repeat "campers." 

All are glad to see me and my stuff on the first Wednesday of every month. Additionally, the detention staff are always glad to help out with this function and they, along with all of the kids, thank me and the Messiah congregation profusely for visiting them. 

I always make sure that they know who I am, who sponsors my visits and why we do this. (Matthew 25: 35-46) I am considering an idea that would have me coming in and talking to a couple of small groups of "campers" who want to have a serious conversation about anything that is legal, moral, ethical and well-intentioned. I'll let you know how this goes. 

At the most recent Juvy Pizza Function, I spent about 90 minutes serving the "campers" and talking with them. As usual, I left feeling terribly depressed and frustrated while at the same time feeling happy and exhilarated because I had just spent 90 minutes doing nothing but SERVING and LOVING. As I drive home after each Pizza Function, I always think that I should be reimbursing Messiah Lutheran for providing me with such a wonderful opportunity to serve a few of God's most needy Children.

Submitted by: 

Steve Friebel, Pizza Dude

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