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Messiah staff, leadership, gather to develop "road map"

Messiah staff and leadership met October 29 for a retreat to help guide the process of moving the congregation toward a new pastor.

Pastor Dave facilitated the meeting and provided thought provoking exercises to help participants gain an understanding of what the congregation could be feeling during this time of change and to help chart the path forward.

Topics covered included developing a timeline for the pastoral transition process, finding out more about the Ministry Site Profile process and what information still needs to be gathered. The goal was to create a roadmap and benchmarks for staff, leadership and the congregation for the coming year. Mission accomplished!

Other agenda items included looking at Messiah's staffing and staffing needs during the transition period, how the congregation moves forward in a post/persistent Covid reality, reviewing and updating membership information, financial priorities, and the present and future of various Messiah ministries.

Following the retreat Messiah staff are now beginning to work on planning activities and worship through the Advent/Christmas season. They are also beginning a thorough audit of membership rolls.

The Church Leadership and Ministry Site Profile Teams will also begin regular updates through the Northern Highlights on transition related work.

"I believe we laid some significant foundation blocks for the months ahead," Pastor Dave told retreat attendees. "I look forward to the work that awaits us!"

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