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My thanks to Ben McCarty, Messiah's Digital Media Coordinator, for helping me with posts about what's going on at church. AND, of course, keeping the website up, getting the Northern Highlights out, etc. One of my more joyful duties as one of your interim pastors is to teach confirmation. Our program is a three year program with rotating emphases. This year is Old Testament. 

It is my goal to engage our confirmation students in different ways at different times. When possible I like to change things up a bit. So, as you can see below, we started with September 21 with Genesis 1 and the Creation Story. We upended this glorious little creation and let the waters flood back in September 28 as we talked about Noah and the Ark. As we've moved from these "pre-history" stories to events with dates, we created a timeline October 5 that I'll refer back to as we move through the Old Testament. 

As you know, the kids made bread for worship as we talked about the Exodos October 12. (I tied their feet together for that one, saying they were Hebrew slaves. But - don't tell - really it was just a class control kind of thing!) and then this past Wednesday, October 19, we gathered around the campfire in the Judean wilderness as freed slaves to ask "What now?!"

(Although we didn't talk about it, this is also a Messiah 'interim transition' question. "What now?!" Feel free to join us for S'mores any time!)

Thank you for the privilege of working with our kids. They're great!

Pr. Dave Brauer-Rieke

Genesis 1 - Creation

Our Old Testament overview began with the story of Creation in Genesis 1. We recreated the "firmament" in the midst of the waters and talked about God's join in creating "sanctuary."

100 Feet of Old Testament Timeline under Construction

I believe we all learn through doing as well as hearing. Why talk about when Moses and the Hebrew slaves walked through the Red Sea when you can pin the date up on a timeline? (Do you see the yellow rope in the upper, righthand corner? History in the making!)

The Bread of Haste

And the "Bread of Haste." The Passover today remembers  unleavened bread made at God's command. When it was time to go we don't want bread left behind raising on the table. To be a disciple is to ready to act!

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