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Messiah pays tribute to those who have served

by Laurie Ricket

In 2004 the Messiah family had young members who were in the military and were deployed in harms way. Marian Erikson and I (Laurie Ricket) were on the Capital Campaign Committee together and whether it was to do with the campaign or not, I do not remember, but we decided to set up a display inviting Messiah's members to pray for our military and to write them letters.

 It extended to a companion display to honor Messiah's veterans. Veterans were asked to share any memorabilia for the display. It was well received and for the past 18 years, including this year, Messiah has paid tribute to their veterans by an annual display. It is always about the veteran and their service. Check out this year's display to find out what is a veteran, the origins of Veterans Day, and who Messiah's veterans are.

Thank you, with a grateful heart, for your service.

I have tried to keep a current list of veterans, but I know I miss a few. 

With the past couple of years being a bit out of the ordinary my list is out of date. 

I apologize for any I have missed. If you are a new member and a veteran please contact the office with your name and branch of service.

The Messiah Veteran's display in 2004. Pictures by Laurie Ricket.

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