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Messiah has opportunity to help fill needs at Columbia River Pantry as end of school year approaches

Dear Messiah Community,

As you are aware, we have the unique opportunity to provide assistance to Columbia River High School students and families in need. You have always been so very responsive to these requests and the River students and staff have always been so very grateful for our assistance.

As the end of the school year school approaches, there are some specific needs that require our attention. Needed items are listed in order of greatest need:



Laundry detergent

Shave cream

Canned fruit

Spaghetti noodles


Boxed pasta meals

salad dressing



Additionally, shopping bags are appreciated in order to allow for students to take items to their home.

I typically sub a principal at River a few days a month. I am always so proud to hear people say, "Hey… let's ask that guy from Messiah if his church can help us out." And, I'm equally as proud to let them know that we can probably help.

Thank you in advance for your helping out River students.


Steve Friebel

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