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Lutheran World Relief Quilters spread warmth from the heart

by Janet Borst

When natural disasters strike or war drives families from their homes, our hearts ache with compassion but often we don't know exactly how to help. Making Lutheran World Relief Mission Quilts is a tangible way to express love to our neighbors in need. Quilts can be used as warm bedding, simple tents or floor coverings. Each one reflects God's loving presence in a world rife with suffering.

If you've wondered how to volunteer to quilt for charity, look no further. Right here at Messiah on Tuesday mornings at 9:30 a group comes together to assemble quilts. You are welcome to join Marion Liming, Lisa Ruecker, Lila Jones, Gaye Ahrens, Dianna Webber and an opera singer who wishes to remain unnamed for a time of social interaction, support and service. There is a space for anyone interested in helping - no previous experience is required. However, if you are an experienced sewist you can assist with sewing the binding. Or if you have time to work from home, there are quilt tops to be assembled from fabric that has been donated to the Messiah Lutheran World Relief Quilters.

Lutheran World Relief Quilters layer the quilt top, batting and back and then tie them together with heavy thread. Then the extra material from the back which is larger than the front is turned over twice to make an edge binding. That binding is sewn down by machine. In the last 12 months the energetic Messiah quilters have produced over 80 quilts. That is especially impressive because 6 months of the last twelve they were unable to meet due to COVID restrictions. But that didn't stop the work. From home, they continued to piece quilt fronts and prepare the backing.

If you are not available to help in person, there are other ways to help. Donate cotton or cotton polyester fabrics. They can't have religious or patriotic themes because these quilts go all over the world. You can donate cotton or cotton polyester bed sheets of any size in any color but white. If they are used, please make sure they are clean and not worn or ripped.

If you have other types of fabric please donate those to other charitable organizations so that the cost and efforts of dealing with those are not the responsibility of the LWR quilters, but instead are given where they can be used.

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