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Letter to the Congregation from the President of the Church Leadership Team regarding the development of the Ministry Site Profile statement


Greetings from the Church Leadership Team.

The Church Leadership Team (CLT) met Tuesday, October 4, 2022.

Attending the meeting were the leadership team, our lead interim pastor Pr. Dave, and two representatives of our Ministry Site Profile (MSP) committee.

As you know the congregation is in a transition period, served by interim pastors, while we complete our call for a new pastor. This past summer, we have been properly focused on the celebration of service and sending off of our retiring Pastors Peter and Kathy, while working with the Synod to place our interim Pastors Dave and Tom with us. We also began a listening season with the congregation focused on gathering information for our Ministry Site Profile (MSP.) It is time now to return to development of the Ministry Site Profile statement.

For that purpose, the MSP committee has presented a communication plan to the CLT, describing a process dedicated to verifying that we correctly understand and capture your thoughts about our church ministry at Messiah. That process will include getting your feedback in stages on their efforts as we complete the MSP work, including the data collected from you in our forums this past summer.

In addition, the CLT, MSP committee, interim pastors and church staff will gather in retreat October 29th.Our goal is, by working together, to complete a roadmap for the call of the new pastor. Once we complete this roadmap we will be better able to answer many of your questions about process and next steps. We are all excited for this time together.

In the meantime, Pastor Dave and the MSP committee are meeting to review the work done with the information you have provided.

Rob Ramer, CLT President

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