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Join Jubilee Collective for "First Round" June 21 at Trap Door Brewing

Thank you for celebrating Pride Month with Jubilee Collective at both campuses last Sunday. 

Jubilee Collective is excited to announce our upcoming gathering opportunity, entitled First Round. 

This is a chance for ALL people interested in Jubilee Collective and its mission to hang out, share some food, and get to know each other, often in a local BIPOC- or Queer-owned business. 

Jubilee will be buying the first round of appetizers for everyone attending. 

The first get-together will be June 21 at Trap Door Brewing in downtown Vancouver. 

Everybody is welcome to attend, no matter their identity or church affiliation.

 Drop in between 5-7pm and say hello. Jubilee Collective is looking forward to visiting with you! 

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