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Bible readings and livestream information for worship - 11.05.23

Bible readings for this weekend (11.05.23):

Revelation 7:9-17

Matthew 5:1-12

Link to the Livestream of Worship »

Pastors Dave and Tom, with the approval of Bishop Richard Jaech, will be including Holy Communion as part of this week's live stream worship at 10:30am.

If you would like to participate in this part of these services in your home, here are the preparations to make:

Set aside a small portion of bread and wine (or grape juice) near where you will be sitting for the live stream worship. Plan to have enough available so that everyone who is participating in the service and who regularly receives the Sacrament may participate. 

If you have only one kind of these elements, that will work too. The Lutheran Church has long taught that Communion with just one element — receiving only bread or only wine — is a valid form of Communion and conveys Christ's presence and benefits in all their power and particularity.

In the latter part of our worship together, you will be invited to participate in the Communion liturgy, which will include hearing the Words of Institution, and distributing and receiving the elements in your context.

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