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Return of Holy Communion at the altar rail (Hazel Dell) or in the circle at Messiah North

Beginning this Sunday, July 18, at both the Hazel Dell and Messiah North campuses, you will have options in the way you receive Holy Communion.

Hazel Dell Campus

  1. You may remain in your pew and use the Communion Packs that we have been using for the last few months, or
  2. You may bring your Communion Pack to the altar rail, or
  3. You may receive the elements (bread and wine) at the altar rail from the pastors in the manner they distributed pre-COVID. The pastors will thoroughly wash their hands before the distribution and wear their masks for this part of the service. They will also invite people from different households or pods to leave a little extra room between themselves and others at the rail.

Messiah North Campus

  1. You may remain in your chair and use the Communion Packs, or
  2. Stand in a circle with other worshippers and use your Communion Pack, or
  3. Receive the elements (bread and wine) of Holy Communion in the circle from the pastors as we did pre-COVID.

Masks: We are following the CDC guidelines. Masks aren't required for those vaccinated against COVID-19. If you're not fully vaccinated, please wear a mask. We have face masks if you don't have one.

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