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Help those affected by Hurricane Ida

Earlier this week, the remnants of Hurricane Ida barreled through the Northeast, leaving devastation in their wake. New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey were hit with historic flash flooding and tornadoes touched down in Maryland and New Jersey. Homes and subways filled with water, and cars were swept away. The death toll is expected to rise, and authorities continue to work on restoring transportation services.

Meanwhile, information regarding the extent of the destruction in Louisiana and parts of Mississippi continues to trickle in, and the damage will undoubtedly be more severe than we know today. In Louisiana, some evacuees have been told not to return because many areas remain without electricity and people are struggling to find gas, food and clean water. With power lines down and communication hindered, many are waiting for relief in dangerous 90-degree heat.

You can accompany our neighbors who have been affected by this disaster. Please give now. Lutheran Disaster Response is developing plans to accompany on-the-ground partners, including social ministry organizations and synods, in the areas impacted. Immediate needs are expected to include food and shelter, while long-term recovery could include helping people repair or rebuild their damaged homes.

With your support, hurricane survivors will know they're not alone. This is an important part of Christ's call on our church.To stay up to date on our ongoing response, follow Lutheran Disaster Response on Facebook or visit our website.

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