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Hannelore Waizmann Reinecke Tweed teaches three session series on the Holocaust and Anti-Semitism at Camas Public Library Oct. 16, 23,30

Hannelore Waizmann Reinecke Tweed (Pr. Tom's wife) is teaching a three session series on the Holocaust and Anti-Semitism at the Camas Public Library October 16, 24th and 30 from 1:30-3:30pm each session. The sessions are free and open to the public.

Holocaust: Lessons for a Broken World 2023 Camas Public Library - 2nd Floor

3 Sessions, Mondays Oct. 16, 23, and 30 1:30-3:30 p.m. 

Parking Available

Session 1: Holocaust began with Words Holocaust was not an Accident History of Antisemitism, Jewish Life before Holocaust Overview of Holocaust 1933-1945

Session 2: Righteous Among the Nations Non-Jews Saved Jews without Payment Honored at Yad Vashem World Holocaust Center, Jerusalem, Israel

Sessions 3: Lessons of Holocaust, Antisemitism 2023 World Genocide Watch 2023, Literature/Films

Hannelore Waizmann Reinecke Tweed was born in post-war Stuttgart, West Germany under American Occupation. Orphaned, she was fortunate to be adopted by two high school teachers, Martin and Alma Reinecke, who represented the American Lutheran Church with a load of supplies and food to Hamburg, onto Berlin, and delivery to Lutheran World Relief. While there, they adopted Hannelore and she became a US citizen at age 5. Hannelore graduated from Augustana University with English/History degrees. In 1985, she completed her MA in Chicago with an emphasis on Holocaust Studies. 

She earned a Teacher Fellowship in 1997 sponsored by the Jewish Labor Committee /American Gathering of Holocaust Survivors enabling her to study for a month in Poland at the death camps, the Yad Vashem Holocaust Center in Jerusalem, and the Warsaw Ghetto Fighters' House in Haifa, Israel. 

In 2002, she became a Mandel Fellow with the US Holocaust Memorial Museum which required study at the Museum plus a year deadline to complete a project with return to DC for presentation. Retirement after 33 years of teaching arrived in 2016 from Camas High School. 

In retirement, Hannelore lectures, teaches classes for ESD 112, will present for Ft. Vancouver Library system in 2024, and will be teaching another class on the Holocaust for Clark College January 2024. Currently, she is a docent for the Oregon Holocaust Museum in Portland, OR and is involved with a committee to urge the WA State Legislature to "mandate" Holocaust Education.

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