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Groups returning to in person meetings at Messiah

As pandemic restrictions have eased, many groups are returning to in person meetings at Messiah. 

Here are a few of them:

The Material Girls quilting group is fully vaccinated and back at it. The group works on heirloom quilting designs, sharing projects, receiving inspiration, and learning from master quilter Janice Harris. The group meets Tuesdays at Noon, usually in the lower fellowship hall.

The ladies of the Monday Morning Group have also returned to in person meetings at 9:30 am on Mondays. The Monday morning group has met in the Fellowship Hall every Monday since the 1980s. 

They have provided support for the members as well as helping around the church, folding bulletins and cleaning the sanctuary. 

Currently about 12 to 14 women meet on Mondays for fellowship, prayers, coffee and treats. New members are always welcomed.

It's so lovely to see you all again!

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