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Kid's time with optional themed dinner will be part of Jubilee Collective's Wednesday worship this week beginning at 6:30p. Worship at 7:00p.

Jubilee Collective is holding a queer-affirming space for kids to be seen and heard, wherever they are and no matter their age. Beginning October 14th, 2020, children are invited to join us via Zoom at 6:30pm to gather and spend time in fellowship with each other before Jubilee Collective's online service. Every meeting will have an optional themed dinner the kids can choose to make at home and bring to the meeting to eat, and we will have some questions and conversation starters based on the previous week's sermon while we share mealtime together.

Parents are encouraged to be nearby to help with any technical difficulties, but Deacon Megan will facilitate the meeting and conversation so that family members can center themselves for worship. Children will be given a blessing and sending in time for families to gather for Jubilee Collective's worship with Rev. Lenny.

For those interested, please contact Deacon Megan (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for the Zoom link. Our first dinner theme will be: breakfast for dinner. Bring your favorite flavor of Eggos or go all out with a batch of homemade crepes; all ages, abilities, and levels of culinary talent are welcome!

Megan Dilitto, Director of Godly Play 

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