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Former Messiah Intern Hannah Norem to be ordained June 29

 Dear Messiah,

It seems like just a few short years ago, I walked into your doors for the first time, a rising college senior unsure of where God was calling me. You welcomed me with open arms and a willingness to pour into someone who was studying for the LSAT on Saturday and then preaching on Sunday! 

I graduated from Wake Forest last May with a JD and an MDiv, passed the North Carolina Bar Exam in July, and have been in the call process since January. I am delighted to announce that pending a successful congregational vote May 17, Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Hickory, North Carolina has called me to be their associate pastor, and I will be ordained in North Carolina on June 29. 

To celebrate with the many communities that have formed me, I have included some paper hands that you can write memories, blessings, well wishes, etc. that will then be made into a book.

Thank you for all you are as a community and how you have nurtured my (and so many others!) call!

With gratitude,

Hannah Norem

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