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Food on the 4th - Two ways to donate

By Dave and Lynne Radke

We are planning to re-introduce the Food on the 4th ministry that serves the Ridgefield and LaCenter communities in North Clark County on Sunday, September 26th. Even though Messiah has faithfully and substantially contributed in the form of cash gifts and some food bags during the pandemic, we have not had a formal blessing of these gifts since the advent of COVID. We are hoping to renew the substance of this effort in the following two ways.

Beginning Sunday, September 26th, you may again place bags of food around the altar to be blessed. Requested foods are macaroni and cheese, and cans of green beans, corn, and peaches. You may use regular grocery bags or you may pick up cloth bags from the Food on the 4th cabinet in the narthex on Sunday mornings or from 9a to noon Monday through Thursday.

Another option to support the food banks is to give a designated offering to Food on the 4th. The offerings received are divided evenly and checks are sent monthly to each of the two food banks that we serve. The food bank leaders have told us that throughout the pandemic that sending them checks has been the most helpful way for them to purchase food for their clients. The generous gifts from our congregation has been a blessing!

Thank you all for your support of this ministry!

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