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Everyone Welcome at Lenten Study Offered by Members of Jubilee Collective

Members of Messiah's Jubilee Collective community will be hosting a six-week study this Lenten season and invite you to participate. They will be reading Leigh Finke's book, Welcoming and Affirming, a Guide to Supporting and Working with LGBTQ+ Christian Youth, Thursdays, March 3 - April 7. Sessions will be via Zoom at 5:30p (PT). A reading and topic schedule is below.

Welcoming and Affirming is for anyone who wants to learn more about LGBTQ+ people and create space and relationships (especially with youth) that reflect the unconditional love of God and celebration of LGBTQ+ identities in a Christian context. It will also be an opportunity to familiarize oneself with LGBTQ terminology, including what that acronym itself stands for, why many LGBTQ+ folks use the term queer, why pronouns are important, how to handle difficult conversations, and how to be an ally for queer adults and youth.

Various members of the collective will lead the sessions each week. For example, pastoral intern Jae will lead a session on the bible verses historically used to ostracize and condemn the LGBTQ + community of believers. The reading will also reveal passages that affirm the presence of queer identities and relationships within the scriptures. Supplemental videos and articles will be included in the sessions, but participant conversation will be the primary goal and substance of the sessions.

Your Welcoming and Affirming book may be ordered here »

To register your interest in attending or find out more, please contact Carie Wright, Jubilee participant and Church Leadership Team member of Messiah, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Welcoming and Affirming - Lent 2022
reading and topic schedule

March 3 - reading pgs. 12-39
What is LGBTQ+, and What Does It Look Like?
How Many Genders Are There?
Jesus and the Eunuch
What about Biology?
How Should I Respond When a Student Comes Out?
Is It Okay to Ask about Someone's Queerness?

March 10 - reading pgs. 40-70
Why Does Language Matter So Much?
What Does it Mean to be Transgender?
What Does it Mean to Transition?
How Do I Know if a Student Is Struggling with Anxiety or Depression?
What About Substance Abuse?
Is It Ever Okay to Recommend Conversion Therapy?

March 17 - reading pgs. 71-103
Session led by Alex Clare (she/they), M.Div student at the Lutheran School of Theology, Chicago, and Jubilee Collective participant

Understanding the Statistics on LGBTQ+ Suicide
How Do I Know They Aren't Just Looking for Attention?
Is It Possible This Is a Phase?
How Should I Handle Questions about Sex?
What About Porn?
What If I Get It Wrong?
Am I the Best Resource?

March 24 - reading pgs. 104-136
Special presentation by Pastoral Intern Jae Bates (he/him/his) on the "Clobber Texts"

Celebrating Milestones in the Lives of LGBTQ+ Teenagers
What Should I Say about the Bible?
What Is a Safe Space? How Do I Create One?
How Do I Respond to Bullies?
Can I Still have Gendered Activities?
How Do I Find an Inclusive Sex Ed Curriculum?
What About Bathrooms?

March 31 - reading pgs. 137-165
Special Guest: The Rev. J. Manny Santiago (he/she/they), Executive director of the Washington LGBTQ Commission

How Do I Handle Camps, Lock-Ins, and Mission Trips with LGBTQ+ Students?
What If I Only Have One LGBTQ+ Student?
What If There Are No Queer Students in My Group?
How Do I Recognize and Confront Religious Abuse?
What About Bigots in the Congregation?
How Can I Create at Culture of Affirmation in My Church?

April 7 - reading pgs. 166-183
What Are My Reporting/Sharing Responsibilities?
What Can I Tell Parents?
What If My Queer Student Isn't Safe at Home?
What if My Student Gets Kicked Out of Their House?
What Else Do I Need to Know?

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