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Endowment Fund Dispersal Story: Stephen Ministry

Stephen Ministers provide high quality, one-to-one Christian centered care to people in the congregation and the community experiencing life difficulties (job or marriage loss, illness, spousal death, etc.). The Stephen Ministers are laypeople that have undergone 50 hours of training. They are trained by Stephen Leaders who have had an additional 25 hours of specialized training.

Messiah Lutheran has had a Stephen Ministry Program for many years and many members of our congregation are grateful for the support they have received. Two years ago, there were 5 Leaders and 7 additional Ministers. Attrition has dropped the numbers to 2 Leaders and only 4 additional Ministers. The program now needs to rebuild.

Since the Pandemic hit, official training has ben done on-line. Training and materials come from the Stephen Ministry headquarters in St Louis. Even so, training is expensive. The Endowment Fund has given $3374 to pay for the training for two more Leaders. Our team of 4 Leaders will then be responsible for running the Stephen Ministry Program at Messiah under the Pastors' supervision. The goal is to raise awareness about Stephen Ministry at Messiah and teach the 50-hour training class in 2022 to congregational members who have the spiritual gifts and desire to serve people through this ministry. Upon completion of the class, those individuals would join our current roster of Stephen Ministers.

Dianne Dawson and Cathy Haywood are our current Stephen Ministry Leaders. They are seeking members to join the team. If you are being "nudged" in this direction by the Holy Spirit, give one of them a call and ask your questions! Men and women are both needed. Dianne Dawson is at 360-891-1174 and Cathy Haywood is at 360-831-2188.

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