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Endowment Fund Dispersal Story: Quilts Labeled "Made with Love – Messiah Lutheran"

by Hope Quinn | 

Eight years ago, Diana Webber thought that it would be a nice gesture to give a small handmade quilt to every baby baptized at the church as well as to every preschool family that had a new birth. 

Over the years, funds from the Seeds of Faith paid for the materials and Diana sewed about 15 quilts a year to meet the demand.

As the church's One Mile Mission got established, Diana began to provide Eisenhower Elementary School with quilts for youngsters dealing with traumatic circumstances. The school got 15 last year.

Each quilt has three layers of flannel. Every one carries a label that says "Made with Love – Messiah Lutheran" so the recipient knows it is a tangible expression of the love that flows from our heavenly Father.

Last year, Diana sewed 97 quilts. They were distributed to the Child Protective Services at the Warm Springs Indian Reservation, local Head Start, and our own Messiah Preschool. This year, she has already sent 22 to the Reservation and 20 to Head Start. She is planning on sending some to a Teen Mom program before the end of the year.

The Endowment Fund provided almost $500 for the materials for this ministry. It only goes so far. If you would like to help out by providing fabric or funds, please contact Diana at 360-576-8862 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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