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Endowment Committee disperses all funds for 2022

Endowment Committee Grant Request for last Fall

The Endowment Committee met Dec 4 and considered the requests that had been received. The following were approved by the committee and then were also approved by the CLT.

$4000 will be sent to Compassion International which will provide food for 80 families for one month overseas. Because fair trade coffee is more expensive, $180 was awarded to pay for coffee for our church. ELCA World Hunger gets $1000.

 A little less than a thousand dollars was put aside to help pay for the HVAC system for the preschool when it fails (as is expected to happen soon).

The preschool director and teachers received $4087 for continuing education. 

Additionally, the Education Endowment fund will pay out $2200 to the Camp Lutherwood staff to help with this summer's Vacation Bible School. 

All the funds that the Endowment Committee had for dispersal for 2022 were awarded. A complete list of all the awards for the year will be provided at the Congregation meeting Feb 5, 2023.

Grant Requests for First Quarter 2023

The Endowment Committee has about $23,000 to disperse in 2023. Grant requests are due by March 24 for consideration. This date allows the committee to meet before the Church Leadership Team in early April during Holy Week. 

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