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Endowment committee grant requests due February 15

Last year, the Endowment Committee dispersed around $34,000 for many different projects and needs. This amount was actually money from TWO years, instead of one, since nothing was dispersed during the height of the Pandemic. As we move into 2022, it is important for folks to realize that we will have a much smaller amount of money this year, roughly $17,000. No funds were carried into this year. That's not how the rules were set up.

We will accept grants for funds on a quarterly basis this year. After a request is approved by the Committee, the final approval is made by the Leadership Team. The first quarter ends at the end of March, but to expedite dispersal of the money, we are asking Grant Requests for this quarter to be submitted no later than Feb 15. The CLT meets on the first Tuesday of each month and March 1 is a Tuesday. Requests by the middle of February gives the Committee a chance to meet for approval and can get the request to the CLT in time for their meeting. Funds can then be released before the end of March.

Grant request questions can be found at Click here to view and download the grant request form »

A summary of how all the funds were distributed in 2021 will be detailed in the Endowment Committee Report at the upcoming Congregational Meeting.

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