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Endowment Committee Dispersals for 2023

This calendar year the Endowment Committee has a little less than $27,000 to disperse to requests that come to our committee and, if approved, are also approved by the Church Leadership Team. We've received fewer grant requests this year than at this time last year.

The second quarter ended in June with the following monetary requests approved:

$500-The Preschool found a Friendship curriculum they plan to purchase to help with the socialization of youngsters that missed it during the Pandemic.

$1000-This money will be sent to support the Winter Hospitality Overflow ministry at St Paul's church for homeless men.

$6500-This money will go to purchase household kits for newly arriving refugees.

$400-This money will augment the newly formed group that is baking cookies for after church services.

$539-This money will be spent to rent a truck that will supply snow cones to the children and staff at Vacation Bible School this month.

Grant requests may be submitted at any time.The next deadline for decisions is Wednesday, Sept 20.

These will be considered by the Endowment Committee and then sent on for the CLT approval at their October meeting.

-Hope Quinn

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