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Endowment Committee Dispersal Story – Closet for Tablecloths

The church owns a remarkable number of tablecloths for the tables in the downstairs dining room. 

For years, they have been washed, folded and stored on closet shelves in a room off the kitchen. Unfortunately, because of the way they are stored, they are difficult to reach and upon removal, they need to be ironed before they can be used.

Downstairs renovations resulted in a small closet that could be reutilized.Julie Bracken and Janet Borst designed a way to hang the tablecloths.

David Moore supplied the expertise and the Endowment Committee supplied the $133 it took to purchase the hardware and the stepstool.The result is a wonderfully efficient way to organize the fifty-some tablecloths!

At left, Julie Bracken and David Moore measure for the closet redesign. At right, the finished product.

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